Divorce lawyer Mgr. Jan Kubica

We recommend the specialized divorce lawyer Mgr. Jan Kubica and his law firm. This law firm is exceptional in that it specializes comprehensively in divorce and family law. Mgr. Kubica is a member of the Union of Family Lawyers. For foreigners living in the Czech Republic seeking to divorce, it is crucial to have an experienced divorce lawyer who can guide them through the process.  Mgr. Jan Kubica is an experienced divorce lawyer based in Prague who speaks English.


Tel .: 00420 730 570 578

Email: info@ak-kubica.cz

Web: http://ak-kubica.cz

Mgr. Jan Kubica is an experienced divorce lawyer with eleven years of experience in divorce law and is also the author of the book Guide to Divorce.

Your position alongside a divorce lawyer, an expert in the field of law, is stronger than when you handle everything yourself. A divorce lawyer can represent you in court proceedings and, ideally, help you avoid a dispute and save money.

A divorce lawyer is an experienced expert in law and court proceedings and can prevent mistakes. Divorce with a divorce lawyer can be cheaper than handling everything yourself.

A divorce lawyer also helps by negotiating with your spouse or their divorce lawyer without emotions. Divorce with a divorce lawyer is then more efficient, faster, and cheaper, especially if you don’t communicate well with your spouse.

A divorce lawyer provides professional and fast services at favorable prices.

A divorce lawyer offers consultations, document preparation, and representation in court.

The law firm operates throughout the Czech Republic.

Price list of the divorce lawyer:

CONSULTATION – I consult on the current situation and propose the best solution. The consultation can be in person in the office or by phone or Skype.

DOCUMENT PREPARATION – I will prepare all documents for you and send them after the consultation or after you send the necessary information by email in a completed form and copies of the necessary attachments.

Divorce petition (agreed or disputed) Agreement on child custody and maintenance Petition for determining child custody and maintenance Agreement on settlement of common property Lawsuit on the settlement of common property LEGAL REPRESENTATION – I represent both in court and in negotiations with the other party.

PRICES: I negotiate several types of rewards with my clients, where the negotiation of a given reward depends on mutual agreement. I always try to find a joint solution to help you under favorable financial conditions. The price can be negotiated either as an hourly fee, or as a flat fee – an agreement on the price for the complete handling of the case, or as a share fee – a percentage share of the success of the case.

Contact information for the law firm of Mgr. Jan Kubica:

Tel .: 00420 730 570 578

Email: info@ak-kubica.cz

Web: http://ak-kubica.cz

Address: Lazarská 1719/5, Praha 1, 110 00